“Artist-Museum Collaboration” Class, Fall 2012 (Nici Ashner, Rebecca Blocksome, Andrew Boyd, Grace Chin, Raechel Cook, Katy Darr, Rena Detrixhe, Bridgett Harvey, Whitney Mahoney, Johanna Mehl, Josh Meier, Pearl O’Brien, Anna Youngyeun)

Coverings, 2012

Coverings serve many purposes: they provide warmth, protection, concealment, even decoration. In the museum context, thousands of objects are carefully covered in archival material and tucked away in storage for safe-keeping until they are brought out for exhibition. Ann Hamilton and Cynthia Schira began their research for An Errant Line by mining the Spencer Museum of Art’s expansive and diverse collection of art, craft, and anthropological objects. In doing so, they became intimately acquainted with the inner-workings of museum storage, which led them to explore how museum objects are subject to a continual process of ‘concealing and revealing.’

As part of the research for An Errant Line, students in Mary Anne Jordan’s special topics course were encouraged to explore the concept of ‘concealing and revealing’ by covering objects of their choice. The playful curiosity in each student response brings attention to both the covering and what might lie within. This book represents some of the student projects, which ranged from a gold-leafed version of the Cheez-it snack cracker to a classical sculpture clad in crushed velvet.

Rena Detrixhe, Visual Art undergraduate student


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